Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or Legit? Find Out The Shocking Truth

If you are someone who is interested in making money online, chances are that you have heard of Wealthy Affiliate.  Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or legit?  The answer to that question depends on who you listen to.

There are definitely some negative reviews out there about Wealthy Affiliate.  There is no question that some people have a beef with Wealthy Affiliate.  Some of the comments on these negative Wealthy Affiliate reviews are disturbing.  So, is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or legit?  I’m going to help you find out.

In my own life, I’ve come across some negative reviews about products or services I quite liked.  Its important to realize that not all people have the same experiences with the same products.  I may love my entry level $300 mountain bike, while someone else will come along and say its a piece of junk.

And then there is the motive.  When it comes to negative Wealthy Affiliate reviews, it is important to ask what the motive is.

You have probably heard about the concept of a “fake review”.  Sometimes, people write fake reviews about a particular product because they have a competing product.  What I find very interesting whenever I come across a negative Wealthy Affiliate review, it seems like the author of the post is almost always promoting a competing product.

You also come across reviews of former Wealthy Affiliate members who gave Wealthy Affiliate a shot, but didn’t make any money.  Are their negative reviews about Wealthy Affiliate legit?

Well, maybe.  I mean, its easy to call something a scam if you don’t make any money from it.  Making money online isn’t exactly easy.  In fact, its really really hard.  It also takes really hard work.  And it also takes a certain amount of creativity.

If you want to make money online, sometimes, you have to think outside of the box.  Its very unfair to call something a scam when you fail.  My guess is that some people who write negative Wealthy Affiliate reviews probably failed at making money online.  And you know what?  They probably never will make money online.

And let’s face it.  Some people are just plain lazy.  Others are just liars.  Back around 2008, I wrote an ebook about making money online with the eBay affiliate program.  I remember one person asked for a refund, and stated that he tried to implement what I taught him, but still didn’t make any money.  I took a look at his website, and do you know what I found out?  He didn’t do anything!  If he did, I would have seen eBay feeds on his website.  Not only was he lazy, but he was clearly a liar.  I gave him a refund.  To this day, I bet he has never made a dime online.

If there is one thing you can take away from reading this, its that if you are not willing to put in some hard work, you will NEVER EVER make a dime online.

Some people are just looking for get rich quick schemes.  Its no wonder that they fail.

Getting back to the original question, is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or legit?  Well, from my own personal experience, it is clearly NOT a scam.  It really amazes me when people call Wealthy Affiliate a scam.

But how can you trust me?  I could just be making all of this up.  Scam artists do it all of the time.  If you really want to know if Wealthy Affiliate is a scam or not, you have to take the wheel and give it a test drive.

And that’s why I like Wealthy Affiliate, because you can try out Wealthy Affiliate for free.  Its kind of like buying a car.  You don’t have to buy it until you test drive it.

Maybe you are someone who is new to internet marketing.  Maybe you are someone who has tried to make money online and failed.  I’m not going to promise you that if you join Wealthy Affiliate for free, that you will make money online.

However, I do promise that you will get access to some awesome training materials.  I do promise that you will most likely learn something new.  I do promise that you will learn how to make money online the right way.  I do promise that unless you are out of your mind, or don’t want to work hard, that you will not think Wealthy Affiliate is a scam.

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  1. I must admit I enjoyed your article! I’ve come across a lot of negative comments regarding WA and I was a bit afraid of trying it. These rumors had influenced me a lot before I reluctantly joined the community. To my surprise, I immediately realized that the rumors were a “scam” and WA wasn’t. Great read!

    • Thanks Effie! That’s a great perspective – that many of the “scam rumors” are totally false, and that WA is anything BUT a scam! I hope you have continued success as you learn more and more at Wealthy Affiliate!

  2. Great review Keith! 🙂
    I also had surprising experience with bad reviews of WA. And I realized later that those people was once in WA community and didn’t succeed! It was shocking to me, because that means that they didn’t even give it a good try, but just realized that it is not something where they can get money tomorrow, so they left without even trying to make something.
    I am stating that no one can get good income over night, and that you have to set the goals and work hard towards that!
    A lot of people don’t want that… because they are lazy. I think we all should be grateful for this kind of opportunity because if you have no job, or no college or university and can not find the well payed job… HEY you have opportunity to learn everything online, just with internet connection, and your own will, am I right?

    • Thanks for your comment! Its true that not everyone who joins WA will succeed, especially when when they are lazy, and don’t want to work hard, so they can’t expect good results. But sometimes, even when you work hard, you still don’t succeed.

      Think of Thomas Edison, who played a major roll in inventing the light bulb. He failed like 3,000 times before he succeeded. Sometimes, when you fail, you have to try again, and again, and again, and again.

      Sometimes, you even have to re-invent yourself, like Apple did when Steve Jobs left, and took over “the sinking ship”. The result? We now have things like iPods, iPads, and iPhones. Think of the world we would have today if Steve Jobs just quit, without tweaking things.

      Even with great platforms like WA, there are people who will fail, no doubt about it. But there are also those who will succeed, because not only are they willing to work hard, but because they have the ability to innovate, and when you can do that, you can succeed.

      Having said all of this, good training can go a long way. What I like about WA is that they teach you everything you need to know, step by step. And its not only that, but you are basically required to do certain tasks along the way, as you progress through the training.

      Its like learning math. You aren’t going to effectively learn it without pulling out a pencil and paper and doing the math. With enough practice, however, you can become an expert. Sure, it can be tough, and sometimes, you don’t want to do your homework. But, if you do your “homework”, so to speak, at WA, your understanding of internet marketing will improve, and you will get a good “grade”, maybe an “A+”. If you don’t do it, chances are, you will fail.

      I probably just scared half the people off who are reading this when I mentioned the word “homework”, but let’s face it, those are the people who will fail. Its not just about learning, its about doing, and THAT is one of the reasons the Wealthy Affiliate platform is so effective.

  3. Like you I’ve had my downs on the internet regarding Ms Google, plus other ‘How to Make Money on Line’ plans and programs. But nothing compares with WA. Their is no way WA is a scam.
    For me their step by step training and technical website support is the best

    • You are right. Ms Google can be a real b….word. Its like one day she likes you, and the next day, she hates you. But Google is always changing, and you have to change with her. You have to do things on her terms, or she make you sleep on the couch, or throw you out of the house entirely! I’m glad you are doing well with WA. Keep at it!

  4. I myself did my own extensive research on Wealthy Affiliate before deciding to “test drive.” The training is unparalleled and spending my Friday nights with Jay teaching us is worth the price of admission alone. I’ve been with WA for over a year and a half now and love the sense of community I feel every time I log in-or check my email for that matter. There’s always someone there to offer assistance and when a problem seems to big I’ve got site support to help! Great review. I give WA and A+

    • Thank you so much Jennifer! I’m glad that your experience with WA has been so positive. Yeah, Jay has some great expertise in Search Engine Optimization. Once I get through all of the initial training modules (I’m almost done with Level 2, which means 3 more levels of training to go), I plan to start watching Jay’s videos.

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