How To Find Keywords With Google – Why There Is A Better Way

If you are new to internet marketing, chances are you want to learn how to find keywords with Google. Truthfully, all you really have to do to find keywords with Google is to use Google’s keyword suggestion too, because it will give you suggestions as you are typing words in.  But there is more to it than that. Having said that, when you couple the power of Google with the power of your brain, you will uncover some amazing results.

Use Your Brain To Generate Keywords

There are two kinds of keywords: general and specific. While there are some exceptions, specific keywords are much more targeted than general keywords, and often have let’s competition. One of the ways you can start generating specific keyword phrases is to understand your target customer a little better.

Understanding Your Customer

The first, and perhaps most important aspect of keyword generation is understanding your customer. For example, if you are promoting the weight loss ebook, what kinds of things are people who need to lose weight searching for on the internet to help them lose weight, other than “lose weight” or “weight loss”? Well, if you think a little bit about who your target customer is, and some of the things they may be insecure about, you can find your answers.

For example, someone who wants lose weight might be someone who is looking for information on how to burn fat, how to lose cellulite, or how to get rid of a double chin. They may also be someone who is looking for specific kinds of diets, supplements, or information on specific health problems they are concerned about. The list goes on.

This is the exact approach you should take when marketing affiliate products. Think about who your customer is, and what needs they are trying to solve. Get out a pen and paper, and write down everything that comes to mind, but try and think outside of the obvious, by thinking about who your target customer is, and what kinds of things are they are trying to accomplish. Not only is this a more targeted approach, but there is going to be a lot less websites competing for a keyword like “how to get rid of a double chin” than “lose weight”.

Now, you might be wondering about search volume. How often do people actually search for things such as “how to get rid of a double chin”. Well, probably not as many as “lose weight”, but the general rule of thumb is that the longer your keyword phrase is, the more targeted it is, and the less competing websites it will have. Someone is much more likely to find your website when they use these more specific kinds of keyword phrases, simply because there are less competing websites.

General To Specific

On that note, one thing you can do to generate targeted keyword phrases with less competition is to start with general keywords, and turn the general keywords into more specific keywords. For example, suppose you are promoting a website that sells Star Wars memorabilia, which pays you a nice commission. You know that your target customer is someone who buys action figures and DVDs, so you start out with the keywords “action figure” and “DVD”.  Obviously, these keywords are much too general, so you decide to narrow then down a bit:

Action Figure ——-> Luke Skywalker Action Figure

Star Wars DVD ——-> Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith DVD

As you can see, the keywords on the right are much more targeted then the keywords on the left, and will have fewer competing websites.  Ideally, you would even narrow it down further for more targeted results, which you will see how to do as you continue reading this article.  But first, let’s go over some additional things you can do to  find profitable keywords with low competition.

Changing The Structure Of Your Keywords

Another way to generate keywords with less competition is to change the structure of the keyword. For instance, you can add “ing” at the end of a keyword, change a keyword from singular to plural, or change the order of your keywords. For example:

Make Money ——-> Making Money

Weight Loss Product ——-> Weight Loss Products

Creating Wealth ——-> Wealth Creating

Use Synonyms

Using synonyms is a great way to find profitable keywords with low competitions. For example:

Make Money Online ——-> Earn Money Online

Earn Money Online ——-> Earn Money On Line

Earn Money On line ——-> Earn Money On The Internet

Earn Money On The Internet ——-> Earn Money On The Web

Earn Money On The Web ——-> Earn Money On The Net

If you are not sure what synonyms to use, you can use a thesaurus. If you have a word processing program, you can use the thesaurus that comes with your word processing program, or you can look for an online thesaurus.

Putting All The Pieces Together

Now that you know how to understand your customer, turn general keywords into more specific ones, change the structure of your keywords, and use synonyms, you can more effectively use Google to find profitable keywords with low competition. Previously, I mentioned that the longer the keyword is, the less competition it will have, and the more targeted it will be. Sometimes, even with your brain, it can be hard to come up with targeted keywords, and this is where Google comes in.

How To Use Google To Find Keywords

Using our Star Wars example from above, if I wanted to come up with more keyword ideas for “Luke Skywalker Action Figure”, I would simply add the words eBay or Amazon to the end of the keyword, and type it into Google. Here are some of the results that came up:

Kenner Star Wars Luke Skywalker Action Figures

Hasbro Luke Skywalker Action Figures

Luke Skywalker Star Wars Original (Unopened) Action Figures

If I were to click on the third result from above, it would take me to eBay.  Then I would see laser targeted keywords like:

Luke Skywalker X-Wing – Archive Black Series 6″ Figure

Hot Toys MMS 297 Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope Luke Skywalker Mark Hamill

Luke Skywalker Imperial Guard Star Wars Shadow of the Empire Action Figure

The list literally goes on and on and on and on… 

There are many other techniques that you can implement to learn effective keyword research techniques. One of my favorite things to do to find profitable keywords with low competition is to use a keyword tool that comes with my Wealthy Affiliate Membership.

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